Crafty Monster

Beaumont, Texas
United States

Hi, I'm Cristy! The creative of Crafty Monster.  Around here we love color, sparkle and the uniqueness that only comes from handmade! I want my pieces to bring cheer to your day and put a pep in your step! I'm a self proclaimed earring addict, and Crafty Monster started as a side hustle to create pieces for myself, friends, and family.  It has grown into a little business and I am thankful for every minute of it. A wife and busy mom of 2 girls and a pup, I've always loved art and needed a creative outlet.  I work with art mediums and resins to create one of a kind earrings and other jewelry/accessory pieces.  I'm always looking for opportunities to grow and challenge myself.  Thanks for joining me on this journey! 

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Cristy Rios-Jewelry Artist

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